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Hemophilia is an inherited condition in which a person's blood isn’t able to clot normally1. People with hemophilia lack one of the proteins, called coagulation factors, that work together to form a clot whenever bleeding occurs. The coordinated effect of all of these proteins working together is called coagulation2.
One event triggers the next event which triggers the next and so on, in a chain reaction that stops the bleeding when we injure ourselves. It’s like dominos. The game, not the pizza.
1 in 5000 Male Babies are born with Hemophilia A
Hemophilia A is about 4X as common as Hemophilia B3
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Ever feel you need a hemophilia-to-English dictionary? There are a lot of terms that you’ll hear. Some you know,
some are like “wait, what?” We’ve put together some videos to help you learn the lingo.

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