For those with hemophilia or caring for someone who does, Bayer has a number of age appropriate educational programs to help overcome the challenges of the bleeding disorder.


Programs With a Little Something for Everyone

Living With Hemophilia®

Our namesake. An educational program with content that can be tailored to help address everyday challenges for those living with hemophilia and their families.
Every presentation is different, because we change it up for every audience. We could talk about anything from tips for healthy living, nutrition, and how to take care of yourself, to pain in hemophilia, and being prepared for an emergency—it depends on you.



Hello, ladies. This next one is for you. M-Powered is bringing hemophilia moms together — to gain real-life, practical tools for success while building connections for a lifetime. More than just a program, these gatherings are intended for sharing experiences, strength and inspiration.

Parents Empowering Parents

With sponsorship funding provided by Bayer, Parents Empowering Parents (PEP) provides effective tools, skills and emotional support to parents of children with hemophilia.
Come on. You know you want to.
Attend a live Living with Hemophilia® event near you.