And Now…Back to You hero image introducing the page describing the hemophilia educational program for adults ages 26-50+ that helps them get back on track to achieving life fulfilling goals

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And Now… Back to You

Ages 26-50+

It’s the program that helps folks of a certain age get out of the same old routine and back into the game.


For one reason or another, there are things that you haven’t accomplished. It could be in your career, your education, or a passion worth pursuing. This presentation is about rediscovering those goals and making a plan for YOU.


Helping get you out of a rut and into a groove
Realizing and overcoming barriers that might be in your way
Creating a plan of action so you can succeed


And it’s with folks who are going through the same things you are – so you can open up, share stories and ask questions without feeling like you’re under a microscope.


You won’t win a year’s supply of car wax, but you’ll gain some invaluable perspective.


Are you ready to get back in the mix?
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