Join us for
Living with Hemophilia®
The presentation!

All ages
Long before there was internet, there were people living with hemophilia. And we had a presentation about it. Guess what? We still do!

We cordially invite you to Living With Hemophilia®, an open forum on practical tips for you and your family where we’ll discuss everyday approaches for patients, caregivers, and family members. And the best part, it’s tailored just for Y.O.U. While we can go over a host of topics, we customize each presentation for you and your fellow audience members. Sounds fun, right? We’ll go over:

What you need to know about hemophilia

Managing hemophilia at various stages of a patient’s life

Tips to healthy living, including information on:


Cardiovascular health

Strength training to maintain healthy joints

Being prepared for a hemophilia emergency

Sexual health and intimacy-yes, we even go there

It’s an interactive meeting, and you’ll dictate the topics! So we encourage everyone to share questions, ideas, and suggestions. You can learn from others and they can learn from you. Now that’s fun.
If you like this website, you’ll love this program. Pinkie promise. Ask your rep about the presentation nearest you today.