Smart Games hero image introducing the page describing the hemophilia educational program that helps kids ages 3 - 7 take the first steps toward understanding their bleeding disorder in an age appropriate way.

Step Right Up, Kids!
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Ages 3-7

It’s the fun, fresh way for you to help your little one learn about hemophilia, what it means and taking the first steps toward understanding their condition.


For a small child with a chronic condition, there’s a lot to learn. With this program, we can help youngsters understand what it means to live with hemophilia.


A fun, multi-station program designed for children ages 3-7
Created to bring complicated concepts to your child’s level
A useful tool for parents and caregivers that will help you talk to your child about their condition
Did we say fun and games yet? Because it’s totally fun and games.


We’ll see you at Smart Games, the engaging, interactive program where everyone is a winner. Bring your whole family!



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